• ‘Screenwriter style’: New viewer habits in digital age


  • It can be said that imaginary reader theory is only an extension of text theory and is not an independent reader theory. This is inseparable from the fact that it is difficult for readers' practical activities to gain a truly independent status in the writing and print age.
  • EU diplomat speaks on his bond with Chinese classics

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  • In Europe people need to know more about the Chinese mindset, and again as Qian Zhongshu, we need to overcome artificial barriers between Western and Chinese culture. We need to find ways to open dialogue. It is great if the Chinese government can bring possibilities for dialogue, conferences, tra…
  • Development of Greater Bay Area heralds bright future

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  • At this new threshold, institutional innovation is still the starting point to spur on vitality, and the reform experiment in specific zones such as the Greater Bay Area is of great significance for institutional innovation.
  • 5G to reshape China’s cultural industry

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  • "In China, 5G mobile phones will sporadically enter the market in the second half of this year, and large-scale applications will be available in the first half of next year. At that time, everyone will be able to enjoy 5G services with excellent speed, quality and intelligence," Zhang said.
  • In modern society, this character usually refers to objects of Confucianism. It originally referred to people who performed funerals, marriages an…
  • This character refers to women. It is also an important radical in Chinese characters. Characters with this radical often have something to do wit…


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  • In the mid-20th century, the geographical nihilism demonstrated by the methodology of logical positivism proposed by David Harvey, the master of Western geography, was criticized for ignoring the ro…
  • A part of China's more than 3,000 years of traditional culture, the recital tradition emphasizes the recital of poems and the Confucian classics in rhyme, and it is different from simply reading alo…