• Recent popularity of ‘family of origin’concept helps us grow


  • A person and their family of origin are by all means inextricably tangled, and the effects of one's family of origin can last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to delve into the issue to figure out how it works and, more importantly, ways to help people move beyond any pain that has been caus…
  • Honed city plan strengthens Greater Bay Area

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  • B&R invigorates East Africa development and cooperation

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  • Academic works need good-quality translation to go global

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  • Indeed, it is demanding work to convert texts with cultural implications and aesthetic concepts into another language. Interpretation of ideas and transmission of academic opinions are particularly difficult. Accuracy, or even strict equivalence, is required.
  • This character refers to filial piety, an important traditional moral in China. Due to the global trend of aging populations, greater attention is…
  • This character is generally known as road, route or path. It also signifies doctrine or principle. In the context of traditional Chinese philos…


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  • This book examines the theoretical source of supply-side structural reform from the perspective of the history of economic thought, and it argues that the theoretical source is classical economics.
  • In this book, the author argues that the Ming’s inheritance and transformation of the various social and economic systems of the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) reconstructed the relationship b…