• Solving private sector’s three major dilemmas


  • Workers assemble medical equipment in a manufacturing company in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Photo: CHINA DAILY The transformation of the private sector is key to promoting high-quality economic development. During his inspection tour of Guangdong in October 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinp…
  • Maximization in Russian literary avant-garde draws attention from Chinese scholars

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  • Xi congratulates on CASS Chinese history institute’s establishment

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  • Audience ratings should not be worshipped

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  • Stressing ratings and fabricating ratings are two aspects of the problem. As far as the evaluation system itself is concerned, it should be accurate. If it does not have credibility, what guiding role can it play?
  • This character refers to the color purple. Purple is the symbolic color of nobility and divinity in traditional Chinese culture. It often appears …
  • This character refers to mountains or hills. Mountains are of key importance to Chinese culture. Literati always acquire inspiration from mountain…


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  • She suggested that following the economic development and the increasing interaction between urban and rural areas, the migrant population and foreign population inside Chang'an increased, which cau…
  • Faced with the dreadfully difficult problem of explaining traditional Chinese classics, rather than simply resorting to some philological efforts, Tang proposed establishing a systemic modern discip…