• Defining ‘Silk Road literature’  across time, borders and disciplines


  • Pictured is a stage shot from Jianzhen's Journey to Japan, a China-made opera adapted from the legend of Chinese monk Jianzhen’s six attempts to travel to Japan to promote Buddhism in the eighth century. Photo: CHINA DAILY "Silk Road literature" is a concept that has gained increasing p…
  • Scholar helps build research system of psychology with Chinese features

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  • Eastern philosophy grows in interaction

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  • Inter-disciplinary evaluation to provide support to new liberal arts construction

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  • When used as a noun, this character refers to a drama, play, game, or a sport. When used as a verb, it usually means "to play tricks on." 烽火…
  • When used as a verb, this character means "to think" or "to miss or long for." When used as a noun, it often refers to thought. 至今思项羽 z…


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