• Chinese law to make contributions to B&R construction


  • Only when the communication of Chinese law is scientifically planned can Chinese enterprises' advantages in products, services, capital and technology be maintained, their brands and innovative capacities be fully displayed, and the thought forms, theoretical systems, knowledge framework and aesth…
  • China-US relations likely to stay on track

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  • Cooperation between the two countries is not the solution to all global problems, but many global issues can’t be tackled without their cooperation. Therefore, China and the United States should pursue cooperation.
  • CASS president calls for Academic Division of International Studies to serve the new era

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  • Professionals play a key role in anti-smog action

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  • Local governments will send feedback after receiving our analysis reports. Changes can be made in a short time. Some city leaders also have filed the suggestions into government documents so that our achievements and proposals can serve as practical solutions.
  • Shi, which means rock, stone and pebble in Chinese, symbolizes unyielding will and loyalty. Shi can also represent someone’s unadorned and a…
  • Both the Cold Food (Hanshi) Festival and the Qingming Festival originate from ancient custom of renewing fire in spring. As the story of selflessn…


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  • An empire of agriculture that relies on stable settlements is often characterized by a self-centered circle structure and a mindset based on this. Subjectivity is one major feature. The expansion of…
  • Reconstructing the history of our civilization requires both physical data and metaphysical theoretical thinking. Lin Yun, a professor from the College of Humanities at Jilin University, expounded u…