• Digital reading shows new trends in social media era


  • Amid an era of reading transformation, user-centered interaction and multistage communication have given rise to shared and personalized reading as well as various reading communities, creating a more open and free reading environment.
  • Scholar explores ways to deepen China-Africa ties

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  • Stability, continuity and explorative attitude are three features of China-Africa ties. It is commonplace for foreign relations to have ups and downs in the changing political architecture, but the ties between China and Africa have endured time and maintained momentum in their growth.
  • Pushing for high-quality growth of Yangtze River Economic Belt

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  • In the future, the key to the integrated growth of the Belt is to do more research on technological innovation and cultural exchange, which is also a potential driving force for the upgrading of industries and the enhancement of quality and efficiency.
  • China’s media to gain influence in int’l discourse

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  • This fresh perspective has solicited attention from the West and Africa. A host of African scholars and journalists showed a great deal of interest in the concept, even though their Western counterparts, represented by Howard French, a professor at Columbia University, cast doubt on it.
  • This character refers to the sea. It is often used with characters such as ren (people), shu (book) or yun (cloud) to mean a vast expanse or quant…
  • This character refers to a Chinese end-blown bamboo flute noted for its mellow and melancholy tone. In terms of its calligraphy, the two graphical…


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  • Fang suggests that supply-side structural reform requires institutional reform. It requires reforming the relationship between government and market, reforming the income distribution system and the…
  • It has been several generations since Liang Qichao (1873–1929) proposed to establish the discipline of history in China. Despite great achievements, the discipline faces challenges. In additio…