• Migration reshapes China’s demographic structure


  • From 55 million in 1983 to 86.5 million in 2000, population growth was rapid. From 2000 to 2010, 17.9 million more people came to settle, and population growth slowed down. Between 2010 and 2016, the number increased by 5.6 million, and the population growth rate further slowed down.
  • Oldest anthology of Chinese literature continues to inspire

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  • The literati in that era had a good taste for literary creation. Being knowledgeable and agile, they boldly promoted individuality, challenged traditions and broke established rules. These people were free and innocent in their life, having the courage to untether themselves from ethics.
  • Rapid cultural changes threaten folk literature

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  • Video platforms have taken over almost all grassroots cultural markets due to the prevalence of online video culture characterized by body language, causing a severe impact on folk literature.
  • New regulations to curb phone harassment

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  • No organizations or individuals have the right to make calls or send advertising information to personal emails or mobile phones without the permission of these accounts' users, according to the decision.
  • This character usually refers to a word or a term. In terms of poetry, it refers to a form of verse with varying sentence lengths. 一叶叶,…
  • This character has two tones, lè and yuè. When it is pronounced as lè, it has a meaning of joy, pleasure or happiness. When p…


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  • This innovation is particularly notable in the first chapter, which investigates the dissemination of the poetry of Yan Yu during the transitional period between the Song and Yuan dynasties.
  • Yan considered the reign of the Liao people as a cultural transition period, and the Jin Kingdom established by Jurchen as the first forest culture that successfully entered the Central Plains of Ch…