• Spring Festival: Carrier of cross-cultural communication


  • Today, influenced by Western customs, many overseas Chinese celebrate the festival with Chinese New Year parades, featuring lion dances, cultural dance troupes, marching bands, martial arts performances and much more, which could be seen as a new folk culture.
  • China-US relations likely to stay on track

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  • Cooperation between the two countries is not the solution to all global problems, but many global issues can’t be tackled without their cooperation. Therefore, China and the United States should pursue cooperation.
  • Chinese classics served as vehicle for historical cultural exchange

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  • AIIB fosters harmony by building open, inclusive world

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  • The AIIB honors its commitments and has taken pragmatic actions to promote development through cooperation. The AIIB actively provides financing support to infrastructure development in middle- and low-income developing countries.
  • Dogs are called gou and large ones were also called quan (犬) in the past. These two words are used interchangeably today. The word “犬&rdqu…
  • Mu (trees or wood) in Chinese language refers to all kinds of trees. Sharing the same component “木,” scores of Chinese characters mea…


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  • China has a vast land area that covers almost all types of landscapes, and consequently, ancient Chinese workers created various means of transportation. They built roads, bridges, ferries and canal…
  • Since the industrial revolution, technology has fundamentally failed to meet the needs of people, but rather it meets the needs of capital appreciation from the beginning to the end.