• Comprehensive social goods culminate poverty alleviation


  • At present, China has formed a comprehensive security system which includes social insurance, social assistance, and social welfare, covering everything from pensions and workplace injury insurance, to minimum income guarantees and health provisions.
  • An Jiayao: Archaeology bridges past and future

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  • An Jiayao has long engaged in archaeological research of the Han and Tang dynasties, ancient glass items, ancient city ruins, and the preservation of archaeological sites. Photo: PROVIDED TO CSST An Jiayao is a research fellow from the Institute of Archaeology at the Chinese Academy of Social…
  • Global governance reform needed in post-pandemic era

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  • More effort is needed to overcome existing multilateral governance challenges, stimulate new momentum in global governance, and for China and other emerging markets to facilitate reforms in global governance.
  • Migrant workers’ access to training expands since 1990s

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  • The original version of this character resembled a person holding a plant in hands. Since horticulture is viewed as a craft, this character gradua…
  • This character originally referred to the dregs produced during the process of rinsing silk fibre. During the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cai Lun (61&nda…


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