• Oriental aesthetics calls for cross-cultural studies


  • The academic history of Oriental aesthetics in China consists of two parts. The first part is the overall study of Oriental aesthetics and literary and artistic thought. In the 1990s, a wave of Oriental studies swept China.
  • Honed city plan strengthens Greater Bay Area

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  • Rural sociology promotes reform and development in rural China

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  • Six decades of African studies in China

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  • As the largest multidisciplinary African research organization, the Institute of West-Asian and African Studies also has achieved a lot in countermeasure research and think tank construction. At present, it involves four fields concerning think tanks.
  • This character has the general concept of medicine. This is an ideographic character composed of two parts. The inner part represents an arrow and…
  • This character has the general concept of way, road or path. It can also be used for the abstract concept of opportunity or chance. 筚路蓝缕…


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  • It also presents the translation, introduction and research of some European and American scholars since the end of the 19th century. This expands the depth and breadth of the book. Domestic academi…
  • The First Printed Poems of Qian Zhongshu does not contain many poems and was originally printed only in small numbers. The content of these poems is not complicated. That’s because they were w…