• Institutional supply shortages key to left-behind children problem


  • Dai Yi speaks on Qing history national compilation project

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  • Regarding the study of history, we should pay attention to the impact of big data and artificial intelligence, but only time will tell how much the impact will be. Currently, big data already plays a large role, as it can help collect abundant materials. As we all know, the study of history requir…
  • Scholars call for dialogue to deal with cultural misreading

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  • Languages are deeply rooted in the history and culture behind them, and it is almost impossible to achieve absolute equivalence in translation. People from different cultural backgrounds tend to hold different views of life, values and outlooks on the world.
  • Project retrieves ancient Chinese books lost overseas

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  • This character refers to love. 爱而不见 搔首踟蹰 ài ér bú xiàn sāo shǒu chí chú A…
  • This character is often used as an adjective with a meaning of “cold, poor or desolate.” 人问寒山道 rén wèn h&aacut…


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