• Community building in rural China integrates econonomic, cultural factors


  • Values are not isolated from scientific research

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  • I think that even those who defend the value-free ideal would acknowledge that scientists are constantly influenced by their values in subtle ways. But they would insist that scientists should, as much as possible, prevent those values from influencing their reasoning.
  • Conference on Sino-Tibetan languages and linguistics contributes to cultural diversity

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  • Toward better governance of online healthcare

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  • In the future, medical care will be individualized and highly targeted. At present, the fusion of the internet and big data is creating a new pattern within the medical system, which is parallel to the development of the medical industry.
  • 二人同心,其利断金;同心之言,其臭如兰 er ren tongxin, qi li duan jin; tongxin zhiyan, qi xiu ru lan Tongxin means “the same mind”…
  • The portrait of Cao Cao 说曹操,曹操到 shuo Cao Cao, Cao Cao dao Shuo means to speak of; dao means to arrive. Cao Cao (155-220) was a mi…


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