• Justice essential in reshaping int’l order


  • Robert Kuhn: Documenting China’s poverty battle

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  • Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn, president of The Kuhn Foundation and China Reform Friendship Medal Recipient, has been highly involved in recording the Chinese people’s great fight in eliminating extreme poverty.
  • Think tank forum explores Afghan situation

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  • China and Central Asian countries should actively assist Afghanistan in response to the humanitarian crisis, and promote the smooth transition of the situation in Afghanistan.
  • China’s upgrading in GVCs

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  • The proposal of the new development paradigm is not only an effective strategy to address the shocks of the reconstruction of GVCs in the short term, but also a major strategic choice to guide China to realize advancement along GVCs and high-quality economic development in the long term.
  • Chinese writer Chen Zhongshi completed White Deer Plain in 1992, for which he won the Mao Dun Literature Prize in 1997, one of the most prestigious …
  • The mausoleum of the Marquis of Haihun is one of the few Western Han imperial mausoleums that have not been looted. It contains nine tombs and a cha…


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