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The “Moral Ideology” Thesis and Marxist Ethics

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China Social Science Review

No.4, 2021


The “Moral Ideology” Thesis and Marxist Ethics



Qu Hongmei


Marxist ethics was established by Marxists after the death of Marx and Engels following long years of Marxist theoretical research and socialist practice. The fact that Marx and Engels, the founders of Marxism, did not use this terminology has contributed to many people’s doubts about the legitimacy of Marxist ethics. However, as an open and self-critical theory, Marxism has been continuously developed and improved since its establishment. In terms of the theoretical development of Marxism, it behoves us to summarize and generalize Marxist ethical thought by exploring Marxist theory and practice and ultimately developing a Marxist ethics. Hence, the fact that Marx did not establish any form of ethics does not mean that Marxist ethics is impossible.