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A Brief Discussion of Problems in Jin Yuelin’s Theory of Knowledge

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China Social Science Review

No.1, 2021


A Brief Discussion of Problems in Jin Yuelins Theory of Knowledge



Chen Jiaming


As Chinas first work of epistemology in the true sense, Jin Yuelins Theory of Knowledge (1983) constitutes a milestone. However, some problems still need to be discussed. I have raised five issues regarding this work and appended to them my own views. First, the goal of epistemology should be normative, not just the achievement of understanding (tong); second, epistemology cannot start from true knowledge(zhengjue); third, the given(suoyu) cannot be something external that exists independently; fourth, representation theory(the theory of appearances) is not unnecessary or illogical; and fifth, truthis not simply an epistemological concept but is also, primarily, an ontological (metaphysical) concept.