The duality of the organic paradigm of ecological philosophy

International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition)

No.2, 2020


The duality of the organic paradigm of ecological philosophy



Yunfei Zhang and Na Li  


Based on Whitehead’s philosophy, the Organic Philosophy has a cosmology of organic communities, a methodology of cultural embedded methods, values for the common good, and a historical view of pursuing a better life, which have formed its thought of ecological philosophy. However, the philosophy has not been able to grasp the relationship between matter and events. It regards localisation largely as a combination with local culture, watches the index of gross national happiness out of the context of socioeconomic development, and considers market socialism as an alternative to capitalism. Impossible to become the universal and effective ecological philosophy, therefore, it is just a possible paradigm of ecological philosophy. What China needs today is to bring about a discipline of ecological philosophy with Chinese characteristics to support the construction of the socialist ecological civilisation.