Marx’s International Outlook and Its Contemporary Value

By / 12-03-2019 /

Social Sciences in China

Vol. 40, No. 2, 2019


Marx’s International Outlook and Its Contemporary Value



Jiang An


Marx probed into the laws of the evolution of world history and the international system from the perspective of grand history, incisively revealing the inherent historical dynamics and evolutionary secrets of the laws of this development and thus providing a new analytical framework for our understanding of the nature of international relations and the characteristics of the era. Compared with related international relations theories of the same period, Marx’s international outlook had a unique class standpoint and methodological principles and adopted rigorous speculative logic and lofty values. Marx conducted scientific research and dialectical analysis of the laws of evolution and the intrinsic nature of international society, especially the historical mission of the proletariat. These ideas, unique in the intellectual and theoretical spectrum of international relations, provide an intellectual guide for the innovation of Chinese diplomatic theory in the new era.


Keywords: Marx’s international outlook, world history, universal communication, globalization, Chinese diplomacy