Decoloniality: (re)making worlds

International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition)

No.1, 2018


Decoloniality: (re)making worlds (Abstract)


Jacquelin Kataneksza, L.H.M. Ling and Sara Shroff


In the paper, the authors introduce the concept of decoloniality. They explain: (1) what decoloniality is, (2) how it differs from postcoloniality, and (3) why we should decolonize. By way of demonstration, they focus on three types of global institutions that prevail in contemporary life: International Relations (IR), Liberal Capitalism, and Modern Love. Each conveys a colonial narrative that tells us how to act (power), what to think (knowledge), and who to be (being). The authors hope readers will agree: decoloniality will bring greater justice, not just efficacy, to international organizations and global governance.