The “Dual Structure” of World History and Contemporary China’s Development Road in the Context of Globalization

Social Sciences in China

Vol. 34, No. 1, 2013


The “Dual Structureof World History and Contemporary Chinas

Development Road in the Context of Globalization



Ye Xianming


The Marxist view of world history provides theoretical evidence for the correct use of the term “globalization.” Many of the facts implied in the popular yet non-standard use of “globalizationreflect our identification of the “transition from history to world history.” However, this has failed to bring about a realization of the structural changes in world history that are taking place in the course of this transition. The “transition from history to world historyhas led to the emergence of “international societyand “global society,” which together constitute the “dual structure” of world history. Despite differences in their main structure and interest structure, their development goals and principles, and in their characteristics and patterns, international society and global society are interconnecting and interpenetrating. On the basis of a critique of “globalizing” “world history” and a scientific analysis of the situation and trends in contemporary world history, the “dual structure” theory of world history is a good entry point both for the full application to globalization of the Marxist view of world history and research on its development and for the contemporary development of the Marxist view of world history. At the same time, this theory will also provide methodological support for our exploration of socialist Chinas developmental road in a globalizing world.