Dynamic Social Security: A global commitment to excellence Global Report 2013

International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition)
No.1, 2014
Dynamic Social Security: A global commitment to excellence Global Report 2013
International Social Security Association
This Developments and Trends report is designed to accompany and inform the International Social Security Association’s 2013 World Social Security Forum. It identifies, synthesizes and interprets the most important recent developments and trends in social security worldwide. A major conclusion of the report is that despite often constrained resources, many social security administrations are making major progress in doing more with less, to improve the service delivery to populations of protective, proactive and preventive measures, and that these achievements are frequently being matched by advances in governance outcomes. Social security administrations are more consistently performing well. Importantly, continuing progress towards excellence in social security administration, a central element of Dynamic Social Security, can be identified in all ISSA regions.