An intercultural perspective on Chinese aesthetics

International Social Science Journal (Chinese Edition)

No.1, 2022


An intercultural perspective on Chinese aesthetics



Karl-Heinz Pohl


Among intellectuals, there seems to be a globally accepted assumption that the theoretical approach and level of complexity in the Humanities, as they are studied in the West, are to be applied as universal norms. China is no exception concerning this one-way-street of cross-cultural exchange in the Humanities. Modern Chinese intellectual history can largely be read as a history of China’s struggle with Western ideas. Modern Chinese aesthetics forms an essential part of this historical struggle with Western thought. Intercultural dialogue first happens, when both sides can express their views and are being taken seriously. It is about time to begin such dialogues between the West and other cultural areas on the globe. An essential condition for a successful dialogue, however, would be that each side is able to get to know the other through translations.