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Brilliant achievements of the Chinese path

| 2018-04-18 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

A launch event for reports on the transformation of national governance during the four decades of reform and opening up was recently held in Beijing. Yang Guangbin, deputy director of the National Academy of Development and Strategy at Renmin University of China, said that the model of national governance during the period of reform and opening up can be summarized as “adhering to the direction of socialism” as well as “prioritizing mixed governance systems” in terms of politics, economy and cultural values.

Pan Wei, a professor from the School of International Studies at Peking University, said that as socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, it is vital to summarize the experience in reform and opening up as well as tell Chinese stories. In the past four decades, the biggest change in the development of Chinese political science is reflected in methodology. Political science has become a social science by adopting the method of sociology, Pan said.


(edited by SHAO YIJIA)