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B&R injects vitality into Shanghai urban culture

| 2017-11-27 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

The Shanghai Global Cities Culture Forum was recently held in Shanghai. As socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the “New Era,” the “B&R” initiative has become an important platform for inclusive cooperation between China and countries in the world to share the benefits of development. Themed “B&R: New Space for Urban Development, New Motivation for Cultural Development,” the forum explored the relationship between the “B&R” initiative and the development of urban culture. Rong Yueming, director of the Institute of Literature at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said the “B&R” initiative not only endows Shanghai with a new important mission of playing a significant role in the initiative, but also brings new historical opportunities for innovating Shanghai urban culture. Shanghai should establish itself as a center for international cultural exchange, cultural innovation and commercial culture, said Yang Jianlong, director of the Center for Studies on Contemporary Shanghai Culture.