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Rule of law, modernization to progress in tandem

| 2017-11-02 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

At an international symposium held in Nanjing from Oct. 20 to 21, more than 60 experts and scholars from China and Russia discussed the relationship between rule of law and modernization. “China and Russia are both emerging market economies that are seeking the proper mode of modern legal construction. Academic exchanges and cooperation between the two countries can help us to jointly explore the path in accordance with our respective national conditions,” said Gong Pixiang, director of the Institute for Chinese legal Modernization Studies at Nanjing Normal University. Tarhanov Elidal, a professor from the School of Law at Kazan Federal University, said that rule of law is closely related to national development, public interest and personal development, while boosting the modernization of the rule of law conforms to the development trend of 21st century society.