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    Reading can broaden one's horizons.
  • Martial arts, weapons
    南拳北腿,东枪西棍。 Southern fist and northern kick, eastern spear and western stick. This proverb shows the distinct differences between the martial arts of …
  • Learning, practice
    People who learn martial arts, boxing or acrobatics should practice regularly to perfect their skills.
  • Tea
    龙井茶,虎跑水。 Tiger Spring makes superior Longjing Tea. Longjing Tea and Tiger Spring are known as “double superb in Hangzhou.” The water from Tige…
  • Weather
    Oiled-paper umbrellas are not only used for everyday tasks like protecting people from sunshine and rain, they are also an indispensable item in some wedding traditions…
  • Fan fixation
    Round fans are moon or flat oval-shaped and usually decorated with paintings and calligraphy. 热天赠扇,雪中送炭。 Give a fan during the hot season and offe…
  • Folk culture
    Different places have different folk culture and customs.
  • Learning
    Private collectors become the main repositories and channels for the collection of ancient books. 书痴者文必工,艺痴者技必良。 One who is obsessed with books ca…
  • Craftsmanship
    Remarkable proficiency, persistence and diligence are essential components of artisan craftsmanship.