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    The "dashuhua" used to be the "poor man's fireworks." In the past, only the wealthy residents of Nuanquan could afford firecrackers during the festivals.
  • Paper and handicraft skills
    Chinese paper-cutting as a form of art originated in the Eastern Han Dynasty around the second century CE. It was invented by Cai Lun after paper became more affor…
  • Man and figures
    身长则影长,身短则影短 A tall figure makes a long shadow, while a short figure makes a short one. The proverb comes from the ideas of Yin Xi, a philosopher in …
  • Dream of the Red Chamber
    The proverbs excerpts from A Dream of Red Mansions.
  • Wood
    木不凿不透,话不说不知 Wood unbored is impenetrable; words unexpressed are obscure. The proverb suggests that people should be straightforward and make their m…
  • Dunhuang sayings
    Stone can be broken; however, it will not lose its rigidity.
  • Painting
    Painting requires artists to combine all details to achieve unity.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
    几处笙歌留朗月,万家箫管乐中秋。 The sound of flutes and singing is accompanied by the brightest moon, and every household plays music on the night of the Mid-Au…
  • Hangzhou
    上有天堂,下有苏杭。 Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth. Hangzhou has been indisputably one of China’s most beau…