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    Jade cannot be made into anything precious without being cut and polished; a man cannot be sensible without being taught.
  • Food and grain
    粥凉自然稠 Congee naturally thickens as it cools. The proverb is used to advise people to be patient and relaxed. 种田有谷,养猪有肉 Plough a field, and …
  • Security and safeguards
    Safety and danger alternate with each other; good fortune and misfortune interchange with each other.
  • Food and eating
    食不语,寝不言 When eating, he did not converse; when in bed, he did not speak. The proverb originally comes from Confucius. It indicates that Confucius set st…
  • Oral traditions
    口含黄柏味,有苦自家知 Like a mute man tasting bitterness, he suffered alone in silence. The proverb is used to describe how one’s suffering is often onl…
  • Walls
    墙倒众人推 When a wall is collapsing, everyone gives it a push. The proverb is used to highlight cases where a person has lost their power and status, and thus…
  • Languages and words
    言以足志,文以足言 Words are used to complete one’s thoughts, and literary composition is used to perfect words. This proverb highlights the importance o…
  • Women and needlework
    It should be kept in mind that a tiny bit of thread is the result of much hard work, not easy to come by.
  • Luoyang and geography
    When my relatives and friends in Luoyang inquire about me, please tell them my heart is transparent like a piece of ice in a jade pot, without stains.