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    牛吃草,马吃谷 The ox goes back to its old barn and the horse to the same stable. The proverb is commonly used to mean that every individual has his own blessings…
  • Reading
    The difficulty is not in reading books, but in applying what you read to daily life.
  • Roads and paths
    路不行不到,事不为不成 Without leaving, you can never arrive; without action, you can accomplish nothing. This proverb emphasizes that success belongs to those…
  • Music and sound
    Music is difficult to appreciate; a critic who knows how to appreciate things is hard to find.
  • Poetry
    诗必穷而后工 A man becomes a better poet after he has tasted poverty. This theory of poetry comes from the great Song Dynasty litterateur Ouyang Xiu. The prove…
  • Calligraphy and writing
    Brush usage depends on one's heart. A person with an honest heart holds the brush upright.
  • The Lantern Festival and the moon
    八月十五云遮月,正月十五雪打灯 Clouds cover the moon on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month (Mid-autumn Festival); then snow hits the light on the fifteen…
  • Good fortune and good luck
    Snow in winter foretells a bumper harvest.
  • Joy and happiness
    万两黄金未为贵,一家安乐值钱多 Stacks of gold have no real value; a family’s carefree joy is worth far more. The proverb indicates that one should not ta…