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    The bird keeps singing; it is looking for company.
  • Old time
    古今之事理无穷,一人之知识有限 The issues in ancient and modern times are inexhaustible, but the knowledge of one man is limited. The proverb emphasizes the signi…
  • Artisan, master
    The most outstanding artisan would not cut things in person; the most talented chef would not set the table in person.
  • Medicine
    医能治一病谓之巧,能治百病谓之良 A physician qualified to cure one disease is considered clever, and if he can treat a hundred maladies, he is called excellent. …
  • Talent, skill
    Talent is refreshed daily when in active use, and thinking is not exhausted by positive function.
  • Costumes
    衣带渐宽终不悔,为伊消得人憔悴 My clothes hang loose on my emaciated body, but regrets I have none, all because of her. The proverb describes a person who feel…
  • Mirrors, utensils
    When the mirror is highly polished, the dust will not defile it; when the heart is enlightened with wisdom, licentious vices will not arise in it.
  • Fishermen, oceans
    渔者不死于山,猎者不溺于渊 Fish, caught by the fisherman, do not die on the mountains, and animals, chased by the hunter, do not dive into the pond. The prover…
  • Spring and wind
    Spring wind turns the south shore green, but when will the bright moon light my way home?