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    China's Silk Road has always been a lively cultural exchange, and most of it has been a two-way cultural communication, or multi-directional cultural infiltration or co…
  • Longshan Culture’s ceramics
    The Longshan Culture was a late Neolithic culture which flourished in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River from about 2,500 to 2,000 BCE.
  • Chinese calligraphy
    Chinese calligraphy is the stylized artistic writing of Chinese characters, including several major styles.
  • Origins and customs of Duanwu Festival
    The Duanwu Festival, also known as the Dragon Boat Festival, falls on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar.
  • Pu Songling and his ‘Liaozhai’
    Pu created an imagined world which was full of bizarre creatures and occurrences, where the extraordinary became ordinary.
  • New Culture Movement and May Fourth Movement
    An issue of the monthly magazine New Youth displayed in the Red Building in Beijing Photo: CFP The New Culture Movement was a 1915-23 campaign in China that critic…
  • Dance show recreates style of Tang Dynasty
    Mannequins in Tang costumes showcased at an exhibition in the National Museum of China in 2021 Photo: Ren Guanhong/CSST Blending AR technology, the dance show Nigh…
  • Classical Chinese gardens
    Lion Forest, one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou, originally built during the Yuan Dynasty Photo: VISITSZ Classical Chinese gardens are one of the greatest ac…
  • Lantern Festival
    Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, which constitute the essence of traditional Chinese culture, contain different interpretations of the Lantern Festival.