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    Among them, Laoguantai culture presents the closest relationship with Yangshao culture, and has been regarded as its direct source. In particular, the painted pottery o…
  • Marquis Yi of Zeng’s Zun and Basin
    Archaeologists have agreed that this set represents the highest quality and the most advanced technique of bronze artifacts in the Warring States Period.
  • ‘Sleep on Brushwood and Taste Gall’
    Woxin Changdan, or “Sleep on Brushwood and Taste Gall,” is a Chinese proverb describing someone undergoing self-imposed hardships, nursing vengeance, or enduring hard…
  • China’s ritual and music culture
    Yue, or music, is often mentioned together with li. In contrast to rules and rites, music touches the emotions and thus can affect human behavior.
  • A lunar year with two ‘Beginnings of Spring’
    According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the Guimao Year and the Chinese zodiac Year of the Rabbit roughly correspond to the Gregorian calendar year 2023. What makes th…
  • Chinese seals
    Dating back thousands of years, Chinese seals are more than just a unique motif: they are symbols of identity, status, and culture. 
  • Huashan rock art
    Located on the steep cliffs in the Zuo River basin in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southwest China, the Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape is an exte…
  • When ancient Greeks ‘met with’ Chinese
    Socrates and Confucius are respectively two of the most prestigious representatives in the history of ancient Western and Eastern philosophy.
  • The discovery of Tangchaodun
    The site of Tangchaodun is located in northeast Qitai County, near the eastern section of the Tianshan Mountains. Residents of Qitai County have long been aware of the …