The Practice and Experience of the Communist Party’s Social Policy in the Past Century

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No. 2, 2022


The Practice and Experience of the Communist Party’s Social Policy in the Past Century



Guan Xinping


In its century-long development, adhering to its original aspiration of retaining people-centeredness, seeking happiness for the Chinese people, and realizing rejuvenation for the Chinese nation, the Communist Party of China has been committed to advocating, formulating and implementing social policies to achieve its goals of safeguarding and improving people’s livelihood and promoting revolution, construction and reform. In the past century, the Party has always insisted on developing its social policy according to the fundamental interests of the Chinese people, combining revolutionary ideals with economic and social realities, attaching importance to the combination of social equity and economic efficiency, focusing on the integrity of the social policy system and its structural rationality, and constantly optimizing the main body responsible for safeguarding people’s livelihood. In the new historical era, facing new challenges, in the future development of social policy, we should seriously learn from the experience of the development of social policy in the past century, always adhere to the philosophy of people-centered development, actively respond to the requirements of Chinese road of high-quality development and common prosperity, improve the ability to respond to various new challenges and risks in population, economic and social development, and play a more effective role, and enhance theoretical research in social policy, discipline development, and international communication and exchange.