The Philosophical Realm of Marxism of Contemporary China

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No. 9, 2021


The Philosophical Realm of Marxism of Contemporary China



Liu Tongfang


Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era has opened up a new realm in the development of Marxism. It is Marxism of contemporary China with the mission of promoting the common development and dialectical integration of China and the world. This thought regards the realistic transformation of world history as an opportunity and condition for the development of human society, and promotes the generative change and open development of the historical outlook in combination with the continuous rationalization of world history, manifesting the broad historical outlook of understanding the changes in world history and grasping the future direction of world history, embodying the dual requirements of reflecting on and transcending the realities of human society in the process of historical development. Marxism of contemporary China has a clearer grasp of the basic, major, critical and outstanding problems in the realm of reality and their relational structure, and has responded to the changes in the real problem domain with creative practice, putting into practice the dialectical unity of conformity and purposefulness in the process of changing reality, embodying the methodological approach of integrating regular understanding of real problems with creative practice. China’s revolutionary practice of developing with the world and co-building an international governance system demonstrates the systemic consciousness of Marxism of contemporary China and the orderly advancement of creating a “new form of human civilization,” which is a breakthrough of the traditional constructive theory and an innovation in Marxist worldview. Marxism of contemporary China has shaped the philosophical spirit that integrates human liberation and the needs of human development, and has clarified the value of the times under which Marxist philosophical mission and philosophical significance are in harmony.