The Situation of Political Justice in China

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No.3, 2019


The Situation of Political Justice in China



Wang Yan and Chen Shaohui


“Political justice” is the supreme political value and an important theoretical and practical proposition for the political development of contemporary China. In their different historical and cultural contexts, Chinese and Western concepts of political justice have each undergone independent developmental processes, giving each a different theoretical and practical character. Marxist political justice achieves the unification of critical logic with constructive logic, political reason with political morality, social progress with human liberation, class attributes with scientific method, and political ideals with political reality. It is not only the theoretical basis and guiding ideology for the study of political justice in the new era, but also an important element in the political justice of contemporary China. Contemporary China’s scientific inner qualities and value implications are not only the legacy of Marxist thinking on political justice, but also a historical mirror for political civilization at home and abroad. At the same time, they offer a practical grasp of Chinese political construction in the new era. Having a correct understanding of the core categories and dialectical relationships of freedom and equality, democracy and the rule of law, competition and consultation, the individual and the collective, and rights and power is the real essence of making political entities normative, balancing political interests, exercising unifying control over political values, and acting in accordance with the true meaning of political justice.