Meaning Construction in Scientific Research

Social Sciences in China (Chinese Edition)

No.2, 2016


Meaning Construction in Scientific Research



Guo Guichun


Scientific research builds up a meaningful world, a world whose generation and structure is the subject of further reflection through the philosophy of science. One of the essential functions of such research is the meaning construction of scientific theory in the course of scientific interpretation or explanation. Without this, the philosophy of science would lose its raison d’être. How to realize pathways or methods for meaning construction in scientific theory is a major issue for research in contemporary philosophy of science. One relatively promising research methodology is the construction of meaning on the basis of context. Taking our stand on contextual realism, we must scrutinize directions in meaning construction in scientific research, grasp its inherent structure, understand its contextual features, and explore trends in its computerization. Only thus is it possible to give full play to the integrative function of contextual construction, effectively unite formal rationality and value rationality, and reveal the meaning of “meaning” construction in the interpretation of scientific theory.