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(Chinese Social Sciences Today)


Just as there is paradise in heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth.
Hangzhou has been indisputably one of China’s most beautiful cities throughout history, and many proverbs buttress this claim. The city itself has shaped views of paradise.


The West Lake is rich in beautiful scenery, and one cannot visit all of it in a lifetime.
The proverb means that the West Lake is very beautiful and has many scenic spots. The beautiful scenery in the West Lake changes as time changes. In different seasons, the city reflects various characteristics.


An inch of gold is spent at West Lake each day and another earned.
The proverb relates the value of West Lake for locals. With its outstanding natural and cultural landscape, its tourism industry flourishes. Other natural resources such as fish, shrimp, tea, etc., and today a thriving tech industry, also greatly contribute to the city’s income.


Broken Bridge isn’t broken, Lonely Mountain isn’t lonely, Long Bridge isn’t long and Cold Spring isn’t cold.
These sites are famous scenic spots in Hangzhou. Their titles, however, are not necessarily indicative of their nature.