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    The Ba Mausoleum of Emperor Wen of Han, the third emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, is a large-scale mausoleum on the White Deer Plain in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province.
  • Yinxu site
    Yinxu, situated at present-day Xiaotun Village, Anyang, Henan Province, was a seat of royal power for the last nine Shang kings, from Wu Ding to Di Xin. 
  • Confucianism in Han Dynasty
    During the rule of Emperor Wu of Han, Dong Zhongshu's proposal that Confucianism become the unifying ideology of the Han Empire was put into effect.
  • Unification of China by Qin
    In 221 BCE, the Qin wars of conquest brought an end to the Warring States Period, a tumultuous era marked by warfare and fragmentation, resulting in the annexation of a…
  • Ye Shengtao’s fairy tales
    Ye’s works not only depict happy life, but also sadness and troubles.
  • Zhaojia Xuyao site
    China's "Top 10 New Archaeological Discoveries of 2022" was announced on March 28, and the Zhaojia Xuyao site in Linzi, Shandong Province, was among the new laureates.
  • Xia Nai
    Today, many technical methods and terms used in China's field archaeology were set by Xia Nai, and have been included in college education and archaeological training.
  • Xiaohe Cemetery
    The Xiaohe Cemetery is also known for having the largest number of naturally mummified human remains excavated in the world. The mummies have long puzzled scientists du…
  • Liang Siyong
    Liang Siyong devoted all his knowledge and efforts to Chinese archaeology, and kept working until the day he passed away.