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China-ASEAN financial cooperation boosts ‘B&R’

| 2017-05-18 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

On May 3, scholars discussed China-ASEAN financial cooperation under the “Belt and Road” initiative at a seminar in Beijing. Fan Zuojun, executive deputy director of the China-ASEAN Research Institute at Guangxi University, said that financial cooperation between ASEAN countries, significant players along the Maritime Silk Road, and China can help realize various agendas of interconnectivity. ASEAN countries differ greatly in financial development due to differences in economic development and industrial structure, said Li Jian, a professor from the Central University of Finance and Economics, adding that Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand have relatively developed banking, securities and insurance industries, while other ASEAN countries lag behind in financial markets. A financial support system is needed, Fan  added.