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Surplus in domestic energy supply emerging

| 2016-12-08 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

As economic growth slows down, China’s energy supply is undergoing a transition from shortage to surplus, and improving efficiency is the new priority of energy development, according to the 2016 China Energy Development Report released by the China Institute for Studies in Energy Policy (CISEP) at Xiamen University at the third Economics of Energy and Environment Symposium on Nov. 26 in Xiamen. Lin Boqiang, president of CISEP, said China’s energy consumption is concentrated in heavy industry, which was substantially affected by the nation’s destocking strategy. This trend, together with the present industrial structure and energy structure, makes the periodic fluctuation of energy demand more volatile, he said. The amount of energy demand depends on the scale and speed of infrastructure construction. Selectively constructing infrastructure will reduce wasted production capacity as well as help shift production capacity abroad, he said.