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Scholars: Livability needed for city development

| 2016-10-11 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

Improving city management to better serve residents is the basic method for addressing urban problems, said Xing Dongmei, a professor of philosophy from the School of Politics and Public Administration at Soochow University at the Forum on China City Research held on Sept. 17 in Shanghai. An ideal city should be vigorous, distinctive and livable, while also have sufficient connectivity and optimized management, Xing said. Chen Zhong, a research fellow from the Institute of Philosophy at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said research on urbanization should pay more attention to the relationship between city and culture with historical and trans-disciplinary methods. The history of modern civilization was, to some extent, the history of cities. Scholars and leaders should not just see it as a concept, but also truly take into consideration the general picture of all the aspects of social life, Chen said.