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Matthew Effects undermine brands of some cities

| 2016-10-10 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

Although more efforts were made to strengthen it in 2015, city publicity in China was affected by the Matthew Effects, or accumulated advantage, according to the China City Marketing Development Report 2016 released by the National Academy of Economic Strategy at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences on Sept. 14 in Beijing. Evaluated by the City Brand Development Index, which includes five subindexes regarding livability, culture, investment, tourism and brand communication, Beijing ranked first, followed by Shanghai and Tianjin, according to the report. Affected by the Matthew Effects in city development, city brand development in China faces great gap between developed cities and underdeveloped cities, and regional disparities are also obvious. The report also suggests the city brand development faces such problems as homogeneity, lack of coordination with city development strategy and the neglect of livability.