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Harmony between man, nature highlighted at IGC

| 2016-09-05 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

The 33rd International Geographical Congress was held on Aug. 21 to 25 in Beijing. The theme this year is “Shaping Our Harmonious Worlds,” highlighting the pursuit of harmony between humankind and nature as well as a balance between the needs of the environment and those of society. Aimed at developing harmonious approaches to the world’s hazards and conflicts, the congress this year attracted more than 5,000 scholars from over 100 countries. Qin Dahe, chairman of the Scientific Committee of the IGC and academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that modern geography should play a significant role in understanding and reshaping the planet surface while promoting sustainable development in various spatial scales. The traditional wisdom of pursuing the harmony between people and nature may provide a way for geographical solutions to global conflicts.