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Beijing partners with BLCU for language innovation

| 2016-08-04 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

A center to pool together language resources and research for a range of practical applications, including translation and artificial intelligence, was opened at Beijing Language and Culture University on July 18 as part of a partnership between the municipal government and the city’s higher education institutions. The Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Language Resources and Intelligence offers a library of language resources, a museum and a reference service for language translation. Language resources are the means of achieving the more important goal of realizing an intelligent language service system, said Li Yuming, director of the center. Language barriers in international communication are increasingly obvious, creating a demand for more in-depth studies and exploration of language resources. The goal is to create an artificial intelligence that would be the linguistic equivalent of Google’s AlphaGo by exploiting language resources as well as preserving them, Li said.