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More think tanks engaged in China-related studies

| 2016-07-26 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)

Of all the 50,000 strategy think tanks around the world, 1,200 were engaged in China-related studies, according to a report on global strategy compiled by the National Institute of International Strategy (NIIS) at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences recently released in Beijing. The academy released three books on foreign think tank research concerning the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and the “Belt and Road” initiative, respectively. Standing Deputy-Director of the NIIS, Wang Lingui, said that to some extent, the studies of these think tanks will influence government policies, the media and the public opinion toward China. Zhao Baige, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National People’s Congress, said these books provided a dynamic and systematic introduction to the global economy and a guide for those who are concerned with international markets.