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Key issues to be clarified for Chinese marine geography

By Feng Aiqing | 2014-09-16 | Hits:
(Chinese Social Sciences Today)
For the past 30 years, Chinese marine geography has made headway, but some problems persist. From July 19 to 20, the 15th Cross-Strait Symposium on Geomorphology took place in Guangxi, China. Zhang Zhenke from the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences stressed that the priority of the study is to clarify key issues and branches of research, including the temporal and spatial changes of marine resources, geopolitical marine interest, ecological protection and management. Professor Li Jinming from the South China Sea Institute under Xiamen University called attention to protection in the context of China-Philippines disputes over South China Sea waters.
The Chinese version appeared in Chinese Social Sciences Today, No.625, July 25, 2014.
Edited and translated by Bai Le